Phil Hayes-St Clair is a serial entrepreneur and SVP @inkl

This is his diary from building companies and how he helps others take their idea from zero to one, and beyond. He writes here every week and hosts the Founder To Founder podcast.


Bringing A Knife To A Gun Fight

Disruption comes with two inconvenient truths. The first is that it's happening every day, in every industry, in every sector. The second truth is that failure drives innovation.

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The Pyramids Aren’t As Tall As You Think

The moral of this story is that you can reach just about anyone online. 

This is an important idea when you're developing a business. It doesn't guarantee access, nor does it mean that everyone you want to speak with will want to speak with you. It means that you can accurately identify and start plotting paths towards people who you can add value to whatever you're creating.

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Expect To Be Told ‘No’ 500 Times Before You Make A Dollar

Here's what I've learned after pitching investors over 700 times and running more marketing campaigns than I can remember. For every new business model you should expect to be told 'no' 500 times before you make your first dollar of monthly recurring revenue. 

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Founder / Family Fit

Is it 'family first'? Of course it is.

I recently shared my thoughts on company building on a new podcast hosted by Shu Das where he asked me about how I integrate family with entrepreneurship. Although this question was unexpected, I constantly think about this pursuit.

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Advice From Mentors

Two pieces of advice stay with me each day.

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