Your Year And An inkl Gift

22 December 2021

One thing is for sure, 2021 was a stress inoculation event. For all the ups and considerable downs, you are now stronger than you were at the same time last year.

That might not feel true as the fatigue washes over us and camouflages our 2021 achievements and growth, but they are there.

And in this, the Wednesday Perspective season finale, I would like you to join me in a five-minute exercise that promises to help you exhale, and realise that, in the immortal words of Fatboy Slim, you’ve come a long way baby!

Below is a 12-point list.

Now, open your calendar app and look for one memorable meeting, event, milestone or relationship that started per month.

Jot them down below.

  1. January:
  2. February:
  3. March:
  4. April:
  5. May:
  6. June:
  7. July:
  8. August:
  9. September:
  10. October:
  11. November:
  12. December:

Once complete, you will see just how much you’ve overcome, learned and triumphed.

And this brings me to my Christmas gift!

inkl is a terrific ad-free, news service that brings together over 50 of the world’s most reputable news titles.

If you are one of the first six people to send me your list of 12 reflections, you will receive a six-month subscription, on me.

It’s my way of saying congratulations for taking action and moving into the holiday season with a good dose of perspective

12 reflections in five minutes. Your time starts now!

Can’t wait to hear from you!

PS Happy Holidays!

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