6 October 2021

What TV shows or series have you binged during the pandemic? Fiona and I have gone back to the West Wing and we love it. A comment stayed with me during a recent episode which I think might help you today.

Let me set the scene.

Josh Lyman, the Deputy Chief of Staff, is caught out of town and asks Sam Seaborn, the Deputy Communications Director, to do his job until he gets back to the White House. Lyman’s job each day is to work with the President to help join the dots between various important and seemingly disconnected but connected meetings. Sam was overwhelmed at the request but at the end of the conversation Josh says, ‘You just need to be his wide angle lens’.

Being someone’s wide angle lens means you help to provide perspective and join the dots.

Sometimes this can mean listening while someone talks out an issue or vents about overwhelm. Other times it can mean dissecting a topic with a different (wide angle) lens to help the other person make sense of a situation.

You can be someone’s wide angle lens or you can ask a trusted someone to be yours.

But one person needs to ask.

If you need a dose of perspective, then ask a friend if they can be your wide angle lens.

Alternatively, send a text, right now, to someone you know who’s having a rough time and tell them that you’re here to listen, to be their wide angle lens.

That’s the impact you can make today. It will make all the difference to their day, and perhaps to yours as well.

Have a great rest of the week!

Cheers, Phil

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