Founders Leading Through COVID-19

On March 17, 2020, I co-hosted a webinar with my good friend David Burt. This 60-minute event is dedicated to entrepreneurs who lead organisations with less than 50 team members and the principles apply more broadly.

The agenda covered the following topics:

  1. COVID-19 101
  2. Current State of COVID-19
  3. Probabilities of what might happen next
  4. Worst case scenario (for your business)
  5. Decisions you make now to mitigate risk
  6. Finding the rainbow in the storm clouds
  7. How you talk about this with your team
  8. We discuss your questions

Audio Recording



DISCLAIMER: The details and opinions contained in this report and audio recording are made in a personal capacity. This is not advice and you should not rely on it. It is an effort by two entrepreneurs to pay it forward.

Sometimes you just have to make that clear.