Welcome to the Wednesday Perspective for 24 February 2021!

Within minutes of sending a LinkedIn invitation, I received a reply suggesting we should meet.

A few days later, I was sitting in front of Jo Burston, a confident, accomplished, warm and elegant woman. We talked for over an hour about our companies, how difficult it was to find women software engineers, and how products can miss the mark when designed and built by men alone.

Towards the end of our meeting, Jo looked out the window and then turned to me and shared the big idea behind a movement she was cultivating called Inspiring Rare Birds.

Jo: Can you help me build it?

Me: I’m in!

Years later, Jo and I are close friends, and along with an impressive team and list of ambassadors, Inspiring Rare Birds has grown to support women around the world to become more confident entrepreneurs and leaders. Needless to say, the journey travelled and the relationships made have been nothing short of extraordinary.

So, today I offer you two pieces of encouragement.

First, say ‘Yes’ to opportunities where you instinctively feel goodness will come as a result of engaging with like-minded people.

Second, if you know a woman anywhere in Australia looking to develop their business knowledge, please consider sharing the PropelHer Program with them (or just forward this email). I’m particularly excited about this program because I’m teaching the ‘Product Development and Pricing’ master class.

Here are the details:

PropelHer Program (3 months)

APPLICATIONS CLOSE FEB 26 for this free online business accelerator!

Thanks to the City of Sydney, the PropelHer Program provides women nationally with a FREE 3-month online course in business fundamentals delivered by entrepreneurs and business leaders. Designed to provide support to women looking to take their side hustle to the next level or launch a new business idea, the six 90-minute modules cover:

  • Strategy and Purpose
  • Customer Identification
  • Product Development and Pricing
  • Legal and Governance
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales

Course graduates can also apply for one of 15 scholarships to receive six months of 1:1 mentoring with a handpicked mentor from Rare Birds to truly propel their business.


Hope to see you or someone you know on the course!

Until next week,


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