The Gift of Intent and Context

3 November 2021

I’m going to cut to the chase. There is one tool that has changed the way I lead (and follow). It’s called Loom, and I’d like to introduce you to it today because if you’re like me, it will save you at least one hour a day in email thinking and drafting time. 

But first…How long does it take you to write an email that conveys an important message? I don’t know about you, but for me, it can take ages, and when I press SEND, I can only hope that the intent I’ve tried to embed into the message, the spirit with which I would like to message to be understood, actually lands with the recipient.

There is a reason that email and messaging services don’t often work as intended, and it’s not that people can’t type or spell, although there’s plenty of that around. 

It’s because intent gets stripped out of the written form, especially when we’re in a rush. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, think about the last time you spent a long time drafting an email only to receive a one-word reply. How did that make you feel?

Now, turn your attention to the latest, super helpful tutorial you watched on YouTube that helped solve an issue. You were probably watching someone talk while they walked you through the solution. Problem solved, right? 

A large part of why that helped is that you weren’t reading instructions. Instead, you were following instructions while you heard the intent and context of the person providing the help. 

The combination of intent and context is potent because it helps to subtly convey and reinforce the reasons behind your message or request.

Loom is a free tool that you download to your phone or computer, and it allows you to seamlessly record your screen while capturing your voice and face as you walk through whatever is on screen. 

I use Loom to review documents, provide product feedback, explain a concept or send a personalised thank you. A sharing link appears when I’m done recording, and I add that to emails, texts, or slack messages. 

Using Loom has dramatically accelerated my productivity, and I thought you might like to check it out.

Visit Loom here. I hope it helps you because it’s changed how I work.

See you next Wednesday!

Cheers, Phil   

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