Welcome to the Wednesday Perspective for 20 January 2021!

Question: Who is someone you don’t know, but admire for their work or achievements, and would like to meet? The kind of person who just by speaking with them would not only change your perspective and enrich your life but blow your mind. 

Each 31 December, I write a list of people who fit this bill. I call it my Learning List. These are people well outside of my network, and in the ‘I have no idea how to reach them’ bucket

At the top of my 2021 list is author and researcher, Jim Collins.

I’m sharing this with you because humanity’s superpower is co-operation. There is little chance you (or I) will achieve greatness alone, but as a collective or team greatness is possible. And why limit that team to people you know? Why not aim higher? Because you have nothing to lose. 

I don’t know how to connect with Jim.


But I will find a way (and perhaps you can help me).

As you walk through January, think about who would make it to your outlandish Learning List and finish this statement:

The one person I would love to meet in 2021 is ______________

Send me an email to let me know. I may be able to make an introduction.

Have a great week.


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