International Women’s Day 2021

I know many women who feel a deep sense of sadness and frustration today. 

Waging the fight against entrenched inequality, unconscious bias and what can only be described as unrelenting news of men’s sickening behaviour must be exhausting. 

I want any woman who reads this to know that I stand as your ally and team member.

Because you, a girl, woman, aunt, mother or grandmother are nothing short of remarkable. I use this one word when describing women because to be remarkable means to be worthy of attention. And every single woman is.

For the way you listen and understand.

For the perspective you bring.

For the compassion you lend. 

For the way you get things done.

For the way you bring joy.

I know this takes confidence and energy that often feels in short supply. But you keep showing up, and I am incredibly thankful that you do because the future relies on it.

So how can I help?

How about discovering Inspiring Rare Birds‘ incredible work to improve your business skills or encourage you to immerse yourself in the beautifully high-impact thinking on belonging by Rhonda Brighton-Hall?

Perhaps you might like an introduction to the wonderfully talented viniculture leader Sarah Collingwood or enjoy tuning into Brene Brown’s Dare To Lead podcast?

I could point you towards expert question-asker and coach Melissa Rosenthal or tell you that life is only half lived until you follow and listen to Annabel CrabbMadonna King and Dr Briony Scott.

Or maybe it would help to look back in history at the journeys of remarkable women, like Edith Cowan, and today’s examples, my wife, my sister and mother, and the women I have the fortune to work with each day?

The stories of remarkable women from all walks of life are everywhere.

Listen to women with an intent to understand. Offer explicit encouragement. Reaffirm ‘you got this’ when the going gets tough. NEVER accept disrespect towards women.

These are the four rules I follow to help make International Women’s Day less of a day and more every day. 

Join me, and tell the women you know that they are remarkable. Because never has a truer word been spoken. 

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