Megan Flamer On Being Mindful Under Fire

In this episode, Phil talks with Megan Flamer.

Megan is the Founder of Mindful Under Fire, a former Program Director with BlueChilli and today the Head of Startup Programs at Monash University. Prior to this, Megan lived in San Francisco where she consulted on organisational development, communications and mindfulness for some of the world’s biggest tech and media companies.

Prior to working in SF, she worked for more than a decade in the media across Australia and the Asia Pacific region, as a journalist and radio host with the ABC.

Megan is also a highly regarded mindfulness consultant, having run her own yoga retreat and personal development company, creating mindfulness programs for high-performance teams at Google, Facebook and HSBC, as well as working with vulnerable clients in prisons in Australia and the US.

Having seen what works for startups (and moreover, what doesn’t) in the global heart of tech in San Francisco, Megan has returned to Australia hungry to contribute to the thriving Australian startup landscape, to support an ecosystem that is creative, dynamic and healthy, while creating new economies, new jobs and new ways of thinking.



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