The Founder To Founder Podcast

The Founder To Founder Podcast


You Need This
A great listen for those who want to hear from people who have walked the path they want to go.  Episode 76 especially is a must listen. That will prove a game changer for my business. Cheers Phil this is top notch!

dan77m, via Apple Podcasts

Insights that can be implemented
If you’re a business owner, looking to start one or just interested in the mindset and learnings of successful founders, check out these podcasts. Fantastic if you’re a solo operator too.

Royaldo, via Apple Podcasts

Great input for your startup
An excellent series focussing on startups, entrepreneurialism and the challenges of growing your business. Real people with real world problems (and solutions!), this podcast brings together years of hard-won experience and insights.

Gerald Durrell, via Apple Podcasts

These are stories from the startup trenches, keynotes and coaching calls that deliver real advice because this show is about increasing collective wisdom. In entrepreneurship, that wisdom comes from founders. In each episode and you can look forward to learning how experienced entrepreneurs overcome challenges and mistakes to build great companies.

Committed to a 50-50 gender balance for guests, this show is available for free on Apple Podcasts and everywhere you listen to podcasts.


This show started as research for a book Phil is writing called In Between. He was interviewing founders he had met while building ventures to understand their theories on company building and in particular, how they navigate those ‘in-between’ periods that inevitably arise when their time at a venture comes to an end.

These stories were too good to be kept locked up so Phil turned them into a podcast and Founder To Founder was born!

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