Welcome to the Wednesday Perspective for 31 March 2021!

Think of an experience you’d like not to repeat. It could be a work or personal episode, one which makes you want to tell as many people as possible, so they don’t land in the same place.

I’m sure you could think of a few, and today, I encourage you to find a way to share that experience.

Because as soon as you do, you will inspire at least one person to learn faster.

This email that you’ve taken the time to read (🙏) is my way of helping you learn faster. And you could do the same by sharing your lesson with a friend or teammate, posting it on social or starting a blog. It’s your call.

This week I met with women who signed up for the to share everything I know about product development and pricing. Here’s your replay, and I hope it helps. I certainly walked away feeling pumped and humbled.

Send me an email with questions about the webinar, and for those celebrating Easter, enjoy!

See you next week,


PS – the response to last week’s note about my Community Building Secrets webinar was brilliant! , hope to see you there!

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