Girl dad. Serial entrepreneur. Educator.

Phil Hayes-St Clair (PhilHSC) is a husband, dad and a serial entrepreneur with resilience and heart.

Phil enlisted in the Australian Army after finishing high school to follow his dream of becoming an army aviator. A degenerative eye condition detected in flight training resulted in his discharge from military service. Months later Phil started working in a call centre to pay rent. It’s here when he started learning about human behaviour, the power of listening to customers and the art of persuasion.

Nearly 20 years later, Phil shares practical advice from building four companies to help people create momentum and build products that people love.

Phil calls this ‘being in motion‘.

These resources started as Phil’s side hustle, but have grown into 150+ podcast episodes, 350+ blog posts, and many lessons learned. May they inspire you and help you learn faster, wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey.

Today he is CEO & Co-Founder at Drop Bio, a personalised health biotechnology venture based on the predictive potential of blood. Previously, he built Air Share, a world-first audio recognition and interaction technology for radio. He is also Adjunct Associate Professor (Entrepreneurship) at University of New South Wales.

An Ambassador at Inspiring Rare Birds and Soldier On, Phil mentors over 40 entrepreneurs and has represented Australia twice: on the national triathlon team and as an Army infantry soldier.

In my exposure to literally 100’s of start-ups across Australia, Phil is one of the strongest entrepreneur’s I have ever come across. Measured in everything he does, he embodies all of the major characteristics I recognise in great founders: ability to execute, the right dose of perspective, a fierce intellect and outstanding communication skills.

Garry Visontay, General Partner, Right Click Capital

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