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Family first, building companies and paying it forward

If this is your first time here…

Hi, I’m Phil!

Here’s me in 30 seconds (or take a listen to my story on the Unforgiving60 Podcast – Apple | Spotify)

Family first. A business man, science-enthusiast and veteran, second.

Started building businesses aged 10. Started writing in 2008 and this is my corner of the internet.

I have three mantras which help me live up to my ambition of having the greatest net positive impact on the world in my lifetime.

The first is that time is THE most valuable asset.

The second is that kindness and encouragement are infectious and free gestures that keep people in motion on thier ideas.

And the third is to focus on increasing collective wisdom. It means paying knowledge and experience forward to people who can do great things to move themselves, their family and humanity forward.

In addition to growing Drop Bio, I walk the talk by sharing the experiences, tips and failures I’ve earned as a founder over the course of my journey.

I hope you subscribe and enjoy my content. It’s free and there to help you learn faster.

Today I hold these roles:

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