I’m launching a side hustle today and beyond the marketing, I would like to share how it was built. 

Side hustles as the ultimate way to learn.

They allow you to invest creative effort in an experiment while you keep a day job. 

Anyone can launch a side hustle. 

The digital tools to bring an idea to life are close to, if not, free. They are accompanied by well-crafted instructions and a raft of user-friendly Youtube tutorials made by product evangelists. 

The hurdle that most people have when contemplating a side hustle is judgement.

Two truths relate to this fear of judgement. First, we worry about our ideas more than friends, family and strangers ever will. 

Second, the early versions of whatever you create will be scrappy, but it’s up to you to see if those versions resonate with people. 

Here’s the bottom line; put the desire to learn ahead of any fear of judgement. 

The side hustle team

Like most things in life and particularly in entrepreneurship, achievement happens in teams. 

As I’ve written about before, I have a freelance team of people who help me test ideas. They include people like my good friend and design genius Az Roberts, to professionals I speak with regularly, but have never met. I found these people on freelance hiring platforms, including Fiverr or Upwork. 

We are all creative people who enjoy testing ideas. We also all have big day jobs. While I did build the first version on my own as I firmed up my thinking on the vision, what I’m about to share with you could not have been achieved without this team.

Introducing Be In Motion

Be In Motion is my new side hustle. It is a brand built around a philosophy of always moving forward to achieve the outcome you want. 

Here is the philosophy I wrote a year ago.

I hold a philosophy that captures the essence of what it means to be an entrepreneur.

It also holds true for anyone creating a new life for themselves and their family.

Being the instigator of a new order is hard. 

And it always spills over into the rest of our lives.

To stay true to our vision requires a behaviour that cannot be taught, and it sets operators apart from those who just have ideas.

That one behaviour is always being in motion on ideas, problems and opportunities.

Being in motion is a state of mind.

About family, relationships and spirit.

For the life you want and the future you see. 

For how you want to be remembered.

Move forward, no matter the odds.

Value time.

Nurture people.

Always learn.

Know how to rest.

At your limits or just starting. Be in motion.

Bringing philosophy to life

It’s one thing to have a philosophy. It’s another to make it tangible and scalable in ways that impact many peoples lives. 

To be in motion or to keep moving in the face of uncertainty requires a mix of resilience and encouragement. 

Resilience born from hardship is usually available in ample supply. I wasn’t convinced, however, that encouragement was as readily available.  

I also thought back to those moments when people had received unexpected encouragement or congratulations. 

The event that came to mind was when someone is delivered flowers. 

It’s a thoughtful and deliberate act. 

On delivery, the recipient receives an unexpected gift. Wondering who it could be from, they search for the card. The anticipation from the moment they see the flowers to when the sender is revealed is palpable. 

I have always thought that that short window of time, of unexpected anticipation, helped to create a memory. 

Using this idea, we designed a way to deliver unexpected encouragement to people who are facing hardship or doing a great job as they pursue their mission. Because sometimes all it takes is some encouragement to get across the line.

Here’s how it works

You visit beinmotion.life.

You order ‘Encouragement for one’. This is a message you want to be sent to a friend, a family or team member or a client. 

Our team receives this message, hand writes it on a beautiful card and mails it to the intended recipient. 

On arrival, the recipient opens and reads the message, but they don’t immediately know who it’s from. 

As they turn the card over, they see a QR code and instructions on how to scan it with their phone.

The anticipation ends when a web page revealing the sender opens after the QR code is scanned. 

The sender receives an email alert when the reveal takes place, and the recipient is offered the chance to pay it forward by sending their own message of unexpected encouragement. 

Will it work?

I don’t know. 

But I do know the power of encouragement and here’s how I have gone about building Be In Motion®️ to give it the best chance of success and to help me learn as quickly as possible.

  1. Gained clarity on the philosophy – I instinctively knew the intent of Be In Motion when it first came to mind, but it took time to refine the words (and yes, some people didn’t understand but many that did).
  2. Created a business model – As I’ve written about before, I used this tool to draft a business model to make sure I was clear on what it might take to launch and sustain this brand.
  3. Made it tangibleAz Roberts was the first person I spoke to about this idea, and he helped create a brand identity around the concept. The next step involved making it tangible online and offline. I set up an Instagram account and then spoke to the incredible team at Richardson Sports about making some swag.
  4. Built a community – I recruited 30 people to be Be In Motion Ambassadors. They have helped build the product, and you’ll see more about each of these incredible people online in the coming weeks. The most unexpected outcome from this community has been how they have made the brand their own. Without any suggestion, some have added their relationship to Be In Motion to their LinkedIn and Instagram profiles. Hugely humbling.
  5. Used technology – I used Canva’s new print delivery service to make the cards that messages of encouragement will be written on, GoDaddy to buy the domain and learned to use Shopify (using a free theme) to create the store. There are other services I use to enable to experience, but the point is that these technologies are easy to learn and use.

One last thing…

While I do hope you visit the Be In Motion site and order unexpected encouragement for someone you know, take charge of your idea and bring your side hustle to life. 

The worst-case scenario is that you learn.