Welcome to the Wednesday Perspective for 6 January 2021!

I cannot tell you how excited I am about 2021. There are milestones to achieve, loved ones to care for, memories of those passed to cherish and joy that comes from paying myself first.

That last point is selfish and unashamedly so. Because paying yourself first gives you time to zoom out, get perspective and make progress in areas that will ultimately benefit those you love and lead.

I started paying myself first in earnest in 2019, and on 1 January I stepped it up. In addition to my morning routine, I took a one year break from Facebook and Instagram (and loving it!), started learning guitar using Fender Play (at age 43!) and signed up to Noom to better manage my love/hate relationship with sugar.

So tell me, putting aside your working life ambitions, how will you pay yourself first this year?

Send me an email to let me know, I’m keen to encourage you on your journey.

Talk soon!


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