How To Show Up With Two Words

8 December 2021

With nearly two years of overwhelm and cognitive overload under our belts, most people I know are looking forward to a break to close our 2021. And boy, am I with you! 

Today though, as humans and as leaders, there has never been a more critical time to dig deep, show up and provide a bridge to human connection. 

Today’s encouragement is to use an easy technique I learned from Brene Brown called a two-word check-in. 

We start every meeting with a two-word check-in. We take turns sharing two words that describe how we’re feeling that day. We all have the human need to see others and to be seen. The realness connects us.

And introducing this to your team, family, mentees and friends in simple. 

I say, ‘I’d like to try something new when we meet. It’s called a two-word check-in. I will use two words to describe how I’m feeling today, and I’d like you to do the same. You’re welcome to explain why you feel that way, but you don’t need to. I’d like to know how you’re doing so I can be a better [supporter/leader/friend/partner]’. 

So today, I’m feeling tired and determined. You?

Let me know.

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