Welcome to the Wednesday Perspective for 17 February  2021!

I’d love to know the episodes of your story that you leave out.

You know, those ones that don’t have a natural home on a professional resume or make sense on a social media profile. The stories that changed you. The profound events or chance encounters that led you to where you are today. 

People leave these chapters out to craft a narrative to fit the workplace’s culture or relationships, all in an attempt to feel like they belong.

I’ve done it many times. We may even share this in common. 

But I urge you not to leave those chapters out. They are often the most interesting, the ones that make you remarkable.  

I shared my thoughts on belonging with the incredible team at MWAH – Making Work Absolutely Human, and I hope this short four-minute video encourages you to tell the whole story of you.

Have a great week ahead, 


PS If you’re a dad, I wrote a second piece this week, inspired by Apple TV, that you might like. It’s right here.

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