Here are the resources from my capital raising master class on 20 March 2019.

The audio from this Master Class is available on Founder To Founder, wherever you listen to podcasts. It will start from episode 90.

Start here

  • 11 Things You Don’t Know About Fundraising The First Time Around – Post
  • What Do You Look For In An Investment – Post (Andrew Chen)
  • How Do I Raise Money For My Startup – Post
  • Investor Selection Planning & Criteria – Google Sheet

Then continue here

  • How Founders Should Think About Money – Post
  • How To Prepare For Investor Meetings – Post
  • Be Wary Of The 18-Month Runway – Post
  • How To Prepare For Investor Meetings – Post
  • Press Releases About Financings Are Lightening Rods For Startups – Post
  • 30 Legendary Startup Pitch Decks & What You Can Learn From Them – Post


Any questions? Hit me.