Bringing A Knife To A Gun Fight

Disruption comes with two inconvenient truths. The first is that it's happening every day, in every industry, in every sector. The second truth is that failure drives innovation.

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The Pyramids Aren’t As Tall As You Think

The moral of this story is that you can reach just about anyone online.  This is an important idea when you're developing a business. It doesn't guarantee access, nor does it mean that everyone you…

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Expect To Be Told ‘No’ 500 Times Before You Make A Dollar

Here's what I've learned after pitching investors over 700 times and running more marketing campaigns than I can remember. For every new business model you should expect to be told 'no' 500 times…

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Founder / Family Fit

Is it 'family first'? Of course it is. I recently shared my thoughts on company building on a new podcast hosted by Shu Das where he asked me about how I integrate family with entrepreneurship.…

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Advice From Mentors

Two pieces of advice stay with me each day.

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The Entrepreneur’s Roller Coaster

4 tactics to manage through it (or it WILL manage you).

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Am I Ready For Start-up?

How do you know when the time is right to start a new venture or jump into a start-up full-time?

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How do I raise money for my start-up?

Raising capital is part process, part endurance event.

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11 Things You Don’t Know About Raising Capital The First Time Around

Any founder will tell you that fundraising is an essential distraction.

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Moving From Friends To Co-Founders

Here's how you can make it work.

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Your Purpose Is 2 Clues Away

Thanks to Reid Hoffman and my daughter’s school principal.

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