Welcome to the Wednesday Friday Perspective for 30 April 2021!

You know, there are just some moments that make you stop, zoom out and inspire you (for one reason or another) to dial up your contribution. Here was the headline that caused that moment for me this week: 

More than 20 million years of life lost

The death toll of COVID-19 is an unfathomable tragedy: more than three million people. Another way to quantify those losses is by considering how premature the deaths were. Researchers estimate that COVID-19 has taken more than 20.5 million years of life. Read more.

This reframing is profound. It made me think that the luck surface area of humanity has taken a hit. The people the world has lost could have been inventors and forces for good which the world now forfeits. 

I’m sharing this perspective today, no matter the week you’ve had, to remind you that you’re still here, and I am sure, a force for good. 

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On a slightly different note, the Community Building Secrets webinar happened last night, and it was a bunch of fun. If you missed it, here’s the replay. 

20 Million

Until next week, 

Cheers, Phil

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